About NARA

Welcome to your premier destination for award-winning Japanese cuisine and a vibrant dining experience. Explore our diverse menu options and seek out an unforgettable night of entertainment, NARA is here to fulfill your cravings.
Our sushi creations range from classic to creative, and always use premium and fresh ingredients. Experience the captivating artistry of Hibachi shows in West Bloomfield, or immerse yourself in the energetic ambiance of the Miami nightlife in North Miami Beach.
NARA is an award-winning gateway to a world of culinary delights, unforgettable moments, and warm hospitality:
METRO TIMES — BEST OF 2023: Winner of Best Sushi
HOUR DETROIT — BEST OF 2023: Finalist For Kid-Friendly Restaurant
HOUR DETROIT — BEST OF 2023: Finalist For Sushi
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Japanese Culinary precision

Discover the best of Japanese cuisine at NARA's inceptive location in West Bloomfield. Renowned sushi chef, Chef Wayne, meticulously crafts sushi rolls with the freshest ingredients, delivering an unparalleled taste experience. Experience the sizzling excitement of our Hibachi shows, where talented chefs display their culinary skills with dazzling performances. With our convenient hours and warm hospitality, NARA West Bloomfield is the ideal destination for those searching for exceptional Japanese dining, a memorable Hibachi experience, and a vibrant atmosphere that will leave you wanting more. Join us and let Chef Wayne's culinary mastery take you on a gastronomic journey like no other.

FierY Hibachi

Experience the sizzling excitement of our Hibachi shows. Our talented chefs display their culinary skills with dazzling performances to create a unique and entertaining dining experience. Deliciously grilled delights and a show for all ages. Whether it's a celebration or a casual dinner with friends, our Hibachi is the perfect choice for a memorable and interactive dining adventure.

West Bloomfield's Nightlife Destination

NARA hosts nightlife events every weekend called NARA Nights. It's where we gather with our friends at NARA to enjoy live DJ music, entertainment, and bottle service alongside our culinary experience.

Prime Concpets Detroit

We epitomize innovation, creativity, and strategic excellence in restaurant management, poised to redefine the benchmarks as the unparalleled hospitality group in Detroit.
Our foundation is deeply rooted in hospitality, culinary mastery and the art of crafting an unbelievable ambiance — all for the paramount goal of authentic connections.
Embracing the spirit of the genuine local community, we extend a warm welcome to each guest who walks in. As a locally owned concept, we take immense pride in serving Oakland County and beyond with an authentic Italian food experience. Our unwavering dedication to hospitality reflects the heart of Italian culture — value, simplicity, family, and love for sharing memories together.
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